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David Rapoport

American Airlines Turbulence Incident Illustrates the Compelling Need to Guarantee Babies Seats and Age Appropriate Restraints When Flying

Today’s news includes a story about a severe turbulence incident on a commercial flight. According to USA Today, “seven people were injured after severe turbulence hit an American Airlines Boeing 767 flying from Miami to Milan late Sunday…. The seat […]

David Rapoport

Nearly Two Dozen Chicago Police Officers Disciplined Thanks to Laquan McDonald’s Family and the Constitution

Twenty two Chicago police officers are facing disciplinary action for faulty dashboard cameras (“dashcams”), and failure to use dashcams properly, in the wake of the fatal police shooting of 17 year old Laquan McDonald. The shooting, captured on camera as […]

David Rapoport

The Importance of Candor: Judge Tosses a $21.5M Verdict Over Deleted Emails

A federal judge recently threw out a $21.5 million jury verdict awarded to a man from Springfield, IL who claimed he was injured in an around-the-world cruise in 2011, when the man’s former assistant came forward and admitted the man […]