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Melanie J. VanOverloop

Drone Safety – Who Is Regulating?

The popularity and commercial availability of drones has exploded in the last few years leading many to question – who is regulating the safety of drones? Remotely piloted or operated unmanned aerial vehicles—commonly known as drones—come in all shapes and […]

Matthew S. Sims

Firework Misuse and Malfunctions Lead to Serious Injuries

While fireworks are synonymous with celebrating our Independence, they are also a common cause of injuries that can be easily prevented. Many states ban the use of fireworks all together by unlicensed individuals, while others place strict limitations on their […]

Melanie J. VanOverloop

Risk of Injuries to Children at Amusement Parks and State Fairs

For many families, summertime means roller coasters, funnel cakes and carnival games – all of which come together to be enjoyed at amusement parks or state fairs. Summertime fun can lead to injuries for children if there is not proper […]

Matthew S. Sims

Important Ride-Sharing Questions Come to Surface in Light of $28.5 Million Settlement by Uber After Lawsuit Alleges Background Checks Were Skipped

Multi-national ride-share company Uber, Inc. recently agreed to pay an eight-figure settlement to resolve safety related claims brought by riders who alleged that the company had made misleading statements about the safety of Uber arranged rides.  The company recently told […]

David Rapoport

Police Body Cameras and Dashboard Videos, Illinois Officials Debate New Law Governing Release To the Public

With the public still reeling after the yearlong delay in release of a video showing a black teenager fatally shot by a white police officer, Illinois lawmakers are scrambling to answer the same questions lawmakers from numerous other states across […]